Bearing, Lambretta drive side, standard


A high quality standard drive bearing to suit all Series 1, 2 and 3 engine casings.

Bearing, Lambretta drive side, standard

£ 8.40
Price: £ 7.00 Ex Vat

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A high quality flywheel bearing to suit all non-GP200 crankshafts.    It fits Li, Sx, Tv crankshafts... [more]

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Bearing, Lambretta clutch needle, Li, Sx, Tv

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Tool, Lambretta Drive sprocket sleeve extracting pulling tool, MB

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There is no point spending money on a crank that has been checked for alignment then going and hitting it with a hammer to... [more]

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Tool, Lambretta Crankshaft extractor, MB

We see a lot of damaged cranks where people have hit them with hammers to free them from the drive bearing.    Here is a... [more]

£ 43.12£ 35.93 (Ex Vat)

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