Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, INA


This German made bearing is ideal as an upgrade in most pistons.

This is the only small end bearing where we have never seen a failure in over 20 years.

MRB's preferred small end bearing in all applications Road or Race.



Bearing, small end, 16x20x20mm, INA

£ 16.49
Price: £ 13.74 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. L. B 03 Dec 2010 



5 star 2. Jeff P 17 Nov 2011 

The Small end bearing, for it's size is one of the most important bearings in the Lambretta engine and should always be of the best quality. Thanks for making this available and keeping me safe while riding.

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Dan on 17 Aug 2011 asked "is this suitable size for an imola kit? cheers"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I believe so, but the Imola piston changes so its always best to measure the inside face of the piston, if it's around 20.5mm this is the correct bearing if its 22.5mm you need the wider Yamaha bearing

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