Drive sprocket bolt, MB


We were tired of the poor quality, two part Indian drive sprocket bolts so we had these made to original specification in high tensile steel.

Top quality used in all MRB engine rebuilds.

Tip. Always check the condition of the thread in the crankshaft on the drive side web (sprocket side), make sure BEFORE fitting the crank into the engine, the bolt should screw freely all the way down by hand.

Drive sprocket bolt, MB

£ 17.47
Price: £ 14.56 Ex Vat

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5 star 1. David 05 Aug 2009 

Thank you for the Drive sprocket high tensile bolt, MRB it was super quality and really did the trick, and thank you for next day delivery your worth every penny. David


5 star 2. Dale 21 Jul 2015 

as my original drive bolt is 40 years old it made sense to replace it this is a quality item that I expect will last another 40 years!


5 star 3. Terry S 13 May 2013 

If you want a reliable engine then you need quality parts, the drive bolt is well made and being MRB gives you the confidence that you bought the best.

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