Tool, dial gauge bracket kit (no dial gauge) MB


This bracket kit is designed to be used with any Lambretta, P range, T5 or small frame Vespa.

It is designed to put your dial gauge right over the centre of the dome of the piston to allow you to accurately set your timing.

It does not includes a dial gauge.

Designed by Mark Broadhurst.

Tool, dial gauge bracket kit (no dial gauge) MB

£ 18.88
Price: £ 15.73 Ex Vat


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Richard on 23 Sep 2012 asked "want to buy holding tool can i buy a dial guage what type of dial should i look out for seen yours but seen silver line brand for £20"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Any dial gauge should fit. Ours are perfect in length and size to suit all engines and are a quality gauge

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