Tool, T bar extractors, pair, MB


Another tool copied from the original with a slight MB improvement.

We remade these T bar extractors in slightly different lengths so the handles don't foul in use unlike on the original.

This tool is used for removing the magneto housing and the gearbox endplate - you just insert each piece in to the threaded hole and evenly twist away.

Tool, T bar extractors, pair, MB
  • Tool, T bar extractors, pair, MB
  • Tool, T bar extractors, pair, MB
  • Tool, T bar extractors, pair, MB

£ 18.70
Price: £ 15.58 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 3 )


5 star 1. Andy.D&DSC 15 Feb 2010 

Much better than all T Bars on the market!


5 star 2. Adrian M 22 Nov 2010 

What a difference these T bars make, why strugglel without them? They make removing the end plate much, much easier. TIP: When removing and refitting the end plate (With layshaft needle roller bearing fitted) take care not to lift the end plate at too great an angle. It might save you from damaging the needle roller bearings on the end of the layshaft.


5 star 3. Craig M 05 Jan 2014 

Another quality tool from MRB. Works a treat on the end plate and removing Mag House in under a minute. Don't be without them

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