Lambretta Crankcase side and gearbox dowel


These dowels fit in your engine case and are used to locate the crankcase side.

They are also used to locate the gearbox end plate.

Lambretta Crankcase side and gearbox dowel

£ 1.40
Price: £ 1.17 Ex Vat

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Stud, 6 x 33mm, for Lambretta crankcase side, stainless steel, MB

This stud is the normal length crankcase side stud of which you need 14 for most crankcases.    6mm x 12 - 10 - 1mm ... [more]

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Tool, Lambretta end plate bearing drift, MB

This MB tool is designed to make it easy and safe to refit the gearbox end plate bearing with out damaging the bearing.    It's designed... [more]

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Bearing, Lambretta end plate ball, MB

This is a high quality MB end plate ball bearing.    It fits into the end plate and the gear cluster goes through it.... [more]

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Stud kit (set) Lambretta gear box endplate stud, nut and washer kit, MB

This is a set of MB 6 high tensile studs which are slightly longer so they screw into the casing further making them stronger in... [more]

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Lambretta Gear box endplate fastener kit with high tensile bolts and washers

We recommend using this set of high tensile bolts to secure your gearbox end plate.    Yes, in theory you should use studs in aluminium but... [more]

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Bearing, Lambretta end plate layshaft outer track, MB

This track/bush is pressed into the gearbox endplate and the layshaft needle bearing runs in it.   They do wear and are worth changing. If you... [more]

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Gear box, end plate, Lambretta GP

This is an end plate for a GP type Lambretta engine.  It can be fitted to any Series 1, 2 or 3 engine casing if... [more]

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Lambretta Crankcase side stud and deep nut kit, stainless steel, MB

This is a full set of stainless steel studs, with nuts made for MB Scooters Ltd 13 x 6mm crankcase side studs, MB 1 x 6mm... [more]

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Lambretta Crankcase side, nyloc nut and washer kit, standard length studs, stainless steel, MB

This is a full set of stainless steel studs, with nyloc nuts and plain washers to secure your crankcase side.    The length of the studs... [more]

£ 15.22£ 12.68 (Ex Vat)
Gasket, Lambretta crankcase side, standard thickness, MB

This is a standard thickness 0.8mm crankcase side gasket to fit all Series 1, 2 or 3 crankcase sides (except TV Series 1). Another MB... [more]

£ 3.14£ 2.62 (Ex Vat)
Stud, 6 x 37mm, for Lambretta crankcase side tail pipe stud, stainless steel, MB

This remade stainless steel stud is used to secure the crankcase side at the point below the kick-start when standard exhausts mount to the... [more]

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Circlip, 42mm internal, for Lambretta gearbox end plate and front disc hubs, self colour

This circlip is suitable for use to secure the disc actuating arm into a standard Lambretta disc hub and also hold the end plate... [more]

£ 1.12£ 0.93 (Ex Vat)

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