Zundapp Bella rear shocker conversion kit, MB


Modernise your Zundapp Bella on the rear suspension by fitting 2 adjustable shockers.

This is a complete home kit complete with
  • A pair of adjustable chrome shockers
  • 4 x MB weld on brackets for the frame
  • High tensile 10mm bolts, nuts and washers
  • 2 steel sleeves
This kit can also be used on motorcycle engine transplant conversions on other scooters.

See tips on how to do the conversion.

Zundapp Bella rear shocker conversion kit, MB
  • Zundapp Bella rear shocker conversion kit, MB
  • Zundapp Bella rear shocker conversion kit, MB

£ 101.04
Price: £ 84.20 Ex Vat


This can be done to a complete running bike or just the frame.

It's easy to do it on a complete running bike or one been stripped down, so best do this first tomake sure every thing is true.

Remove the top section to expose the original rear springs and shocker.

Remove the petrol tank and rear mudguard.

Remove the rear shocker springs and rear damper.

This conversion requires the mounts for the rear shocker and springs to be cut off using an angle grinder and cutting disc. Clean up with a flap wheel.

This will require the scooter to be turned over on it's sides.

The new shockers can be bolted into the original lower spring mounts, this centralises the shockers.

Then at the top where the original spring bracket was, you can fit 2 brackets either side of the new shocker, the brackets will fit nice and neat of each side of the frame. Then weld the brackets in position. 

The 2 steel sleeves fit in the lower shocker hole.


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