Engine mounting, Lambretta Li, each


We prefer these Indian made engine mounts over all other engine mounts on the market.

They last and do the job they are intended for.

Engine mounting, Lambretta Li, each

£ 11.72
Price: £ 9.77 Ex Vat

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Engine bar, Li short, includes two nyloc nuts

This Engine bar will suit any engine with the small type engine mounts.    It comes complete with two nyloc nuts.... [more]

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Engine bar, Lambretta Li short type, stainless steel, MB

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Lambretta Engine bar nyloc nut, stainless steel, MB

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Washer, plain, 16mm, form A thicker, stainless steel

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Remove and replace Lambretta engine mounts, labour only, MB

MB design manufacture and sell an engine mounting extractor.    But if you don't want to buy the tool we will swap he mounts for you.    This... [more]

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Fit engine mounts to a Lambretta casing with none in, labour only, MRB

This is the price for us to fit a set of engine mounts.    You can also buy the fitting tool from us as well.    If you... [more]

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