Lambretta cylinder head, 200 road (reprofiled for 66mm 200 Mugello pistons) MB


This is an Indian 200cc cylinder head.

We reprofile it to suit the dome of 66mm Mugello pistons.

We then lower the compression to suit unleaded petrol.

Lambretta cylinder head, 200 road (reprofiled for 66mm 200 Mugello pistons) MB

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Giancarlo on 07 Jul 2009 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head, 200, ROAD (reprofiled for 66mm 200 Mugello pistons)" What gasket thickness should i use with this head on my Muggy 200? Thanks"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Gasket thickness will always depend on what is required to set the correct squish clearance, there is no real rule as cylinder, casing and con rod change in height.

Giancarlo on 25 Jul 2008 asked "I have a question about "Cylinder head Mugello 200 machined for road use" Hi, i've got a problem with my Mugello 200 V2. I'm running it with Varitronic, phbl25 (main jet102) through airbox with high-flow airfilter, sx200 - 15x46 and Tino Ancillotti Exhaust. My problem is that the Lammy pulls well in all gears, but struggle in fourth and can't go over 55 mph. I've heard that could be an head problem, would this product solve my problem? Thank you very much for interesting!"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: Most of the Mugello 200 heads come with the MDP large bowl cylinder head.

We stopped using them in the 1980's, the compression ratio is far too low hence the problems you have and they also warp and crack n half!

Our heads come with the squish cut to suit the dome of the piston and the compression ratio to suit the kit and unleaded fuel for maximum power spread.

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